Articles - 2013

Teen Playgrounds – Improving youth health, learning, behavior, and socialization

Technology and Spirituality: Education Advancements in First Nations Communities

Gamer Rage & Child Abuse: A Growing Problem Deserving Our Attention

Digital Dementia – Guidelines for educators regarding technology use in school settings

Babies and Technology – What we know, but refuse to accept

Death of the DSM – What does this mean for child mental illness diagnosis?

Video Game Design – Criteria to Enhance Child Development and Learning

Tech Diet – Four Tech Tools To Help “Tech Fat” Families Reduce The Use Of Technology

Neuroscience of Video Game Violence – Cells That Fire Together, Wire Together

Profile of a Shooter – School and community intervention and prevention initiatives.

Articles - 2012

Gunner, Gamer or Shooter – Which one can be controlled?

Tech Neglect – Precoccupation with technology results in injury and brain damage to children

Child Mental Disorders – Illness or Environment?

Video Games Linked to Attention Problems

Education Technology Displaces Literacy

Early Technology Use Limits Imagination

Playgrounds – The epicentre for child development and learning

Children Who Don’t Move, Can’t Learn

Imagination – What is the impact of early technology exposure on creativity?

The Lost Generation – Four arguments for eliminating school-based technology with young children

Self-regulation – A growing concern in elementary settings

Elementary Pornography – 42% of ten year old children view internet porn

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