Corporate Overview

Zone’in Programs Inc.


A complete system of solutions addressing overuse of technology by children.

By managing balance between activities children need to grow and succeed with technology, we can create sustainable futures for all children.

Zone’in Programs Inc. offers educational products, workshops, training, and consultation to parents, education and health professionals.

Cris Rowan

Cris Rowan

Located on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Zone’in Programs Inc. was founded by respected occupational therapist and child development expert Cris Rowan to address the complexity optimizing child growth and success in today’s technological world.

Widely used in schools and homes throughout the North America, Zone’in Programs Inc. empowers children to reach their physical, mental, social and academic potential. Popular with Canada’s First Nations communities, Zone’in Programs Inc. has become a global leader in the area of promoting sustainable futures for all children.

There are many ways in which you can assist Cris Rowan and Zone’in Programs Inc. in continuing with its mission of changing the ways in which children use technology. Visionary humanitarians with excellent business and leadership skills can provide time, services, and funds to successfully guide 21st century children into the new millennium.

For more information please visit www.zonein.ca/donate.html or contact Cris Rowan, CEO of Zone’in Programs Inc. at info@zonein.ca.


Zone’in – self regulates energy to optimize attention and learning

Move’in – developmentally relevant strategies to achieve literacy

Unplug’in – builds performance in skills alternate to technology

Live’in – resource guide for managing balanced technology use


A series of foundation workshops for education and health professionals to provide research based knowledge, tools and techniques in sensory processing, motor development, attachment, technology impact, diagnosis and overmedication, attention and learning, successful school design, early intervention.


Instructor certification to qualify occupational therapists to provide Foundation Series Workshops in their own local communities.


Expert consultation services by Cris Rowan to parents, teachers, therapists, health and education governments, researchers, and technology production corporations to plan for sustainable futures for all children.


Children are the future of our planet. Through modern technology, we have unconsciously created a virtual reality that children call “home”, a reality devoid of connection and human interaction. TV, video games, internet and cell phones are now the teachers of our children, not schools and parents. The result has been an alarming increase in physical, mental, social and academic impairments.

Now is the time to plant the seed for children to learn in a new and conscious way. Teaching children to bring awareness to themselves, so they know who they are, creates a strong healthy foundation for learning. Using their energy in positive productive ways, children learn to create balance and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Children are our future, and there is no future in virtual reality.