Dizziness and balance problems

Hi Bill,

I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist with expertise on the impact of technology on child health and academics, and I would like to comment on your request for information on dizziness and balance problems.

Balance is controlled by three sensory systems: vestibular, proprioception and vision. The vestibular system is two semicircular canals filled with fluid, located on both sides of the brain (commonly called the “inner ear”), and basically gives the person feedback regarding where their centre of gravity is. The proprioceptive system is located in the joints and the muscles, and when activated with “heavy work” tells the person where their body is relative to the space around them. The visual system is obvious in it’s location, but what is often not understood is it’s ability to compensate when there is dysfunction in either the vestibular or proprioceptive systems.

These systems worked together and integrated well for many thousands of years because the human body moved enough to promote optimal development and maintenance of this system. With the onset of technology overuse, the human body is being bombarded with chaotic and intense visual sensory stimulation, and deprived of vestibular and proprioceptive sensory stimulation. This has resulted in children with low postural tone, poor coordination, difficulty reading, problems printing and….an explosion in balance disorders!!!

Please let me know if this is a subject that you would like me to expand on further. I’ve an extensive website with media kit, bio, published articles etc.

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