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Generational Healing: Recognizing and respecting past ancestry



Children are our future – yet are they prepared? Nomadic life, indigenous language, living close to nature, and reliance on tribal structure for sustainability, provided an inner resilience and drive lost to today’s children. Shared responsibility supported tribal unity, and individual roles gave children an honored place in their society. Love, forgiveness, hope, laughter, fun, and joy, are all critical factors for child growth and success, yet are seemingly so unattainable for many of our children. Past experiences, as well as overuse of technology such as TV, video games, and internet, have further distanced parents from children. Disconnection from self, others, nature and spirit is becoming the norm for 21st century society. Children are suffering from lack of healthy, supportive attachments with adults. Numbed and hopeless, rampant addictions to technology, substances, gambling, food, and pornography are all too prevalent. Generational Healing offers children and adults tangible tools and techniques to clear limiting blocks and beliefs, allowing supportive attachments to flourish. Turning and facing what appears to be elusive, empowers a shift in consciousness, creating clarity and purposefulness. This workshop invites participants to rediscover that each person is love and is capable of sharing love, creating a healthy community. Inviting generations of families to come together in this supportive environment, allows participants to share in the experience of global healing. Learning from the gifts of the past, helps parents to see more clearly what actions can be taken now and in the future, to support a healthier lifestyle and raise sustainable children.


Generational Healing recognizes that some past habits and behaviors, whether they are from this generation or from a legacy of generations, need to be addressed at fundamental levels for shifts to happen. It is the intention of this workshop to support a new paradigm of wellness – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Critical factors for child development and attachment formation are reviewed, and strategies are offered for repairing and enhancing healthy primary attachments between parents, caregivers and children. Generational Healing is THE most effective intervention for optimizing child health.

Learning Outcomes


Attachment and Technology Addiction Questionnaires
Guided Introspection Script
Tools and Techniques for Clearing Blocks, Shifting Consciousness and Empowering Choices

Creators and Speakers

Cris Rowan is a well-known speaker and author to teachers, parents and therapists throughout North America in the field of sensory integration, learning, attention, fine motor skills and the impact of technology on children’s neurological development. Cris has Bachelor of Science degrees in both Occupational Therapy and in Biology, and is a SIPT certified Pediatric Sensory Specialist. Cris is CEO of Zone’in Programs Inc. offering products, workshops and training to promote technology balance and enhance productivity.

Bet Diening-Weatherston is a teacher, presenter, and Internationally Accredited Journey Practitioner/Conscious Leadership Coach. She has had extensive experience working with First Nations communities. Bet has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science and Outdoor Recreation and a Bachelor Degree in Education with a specialty in Outdoor and Experiential Education. Bet leads workshops and provides private consultation sessions, enabling people to clear blocks, shift consciousness and empower choice.

Who should attend?

Elders, Chief and Council, parents, teachers, administrators, school support staff, therapists, counsellors, physicians, social workers, police, and child care providers who work with First Nations communities.

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