Letter to the Editor – April 21, 2008

Letter to the Editor
April 21, 2008

Media Is Inadvertently Killing Our Children

Did you know April 21-27 is world-wide TV Turn-Off week? Highly unlikely, as media in all their infinite wisdom has decided to keep secret the damage to children from the most destructive device ever known, TV and videogames. I’ve sent 12 articles to newspapers in the past month to raise awareness about the epidemic of TV and videogame addictions sweeping our nation, and not one was printed. At first I thought I didn’t know HOW to write, so I tried harder. Then I thought maybe media wants research – so I sent tons of research. Nothing printed. Next – I thought something catchy, with the word “Dead”, so I sent The Ten Deadly Sins of TV and Videogames. Nadda. Then – I thought maybe a questionnaire to fill out would pique their interest, so I sent the TV and Videogame Addiction Questionnaire. Nope! Human interest stories, historical reflections, all declined. Then I suddenly remembered what sells newspapers, advertisers! It all made sudden sense. It’s bad enough that we live in an age that chooses to diagnose and medicate young children rather than ‘unplug’ technology, but allowing media to censor this essential information from teachers and parents makes me question why I live in Canada.

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