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Treating the Epidemic of Childhood TV and Videogame Addictions

Vancouver, BC – In the 70′s, no children were on psychotropic medications (Ritalin, anti-depressants, anxiety and bi-polar disorder medications); yet in the 21st century, 15% of all elementary children are taking these drugs. What has changed… technology! Children now watch an average 6.5 hours per day of TV and videogames combined, and over half have TV’s in their bedrooms. Plugged into the virtual reality of iPods, chat rooms and cell phones, Today’s Child is loosing connection with all that is human. The Triple Disconnect from self, others and nature rules our future generation, as “We” becomes “Wii”. Sustainability of our children is now in question, as developmental delays, as well as behavioral and attachment disorders rise.

Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist has first hand experience watching children’s academic, social, physical and mental abilities decline. While working in the Canadian public school system for over a decade, Rowan watched the erosion of children’s spirit and inner drive, caused predominantly by the effects of TV and videogame addictions. Rowan reports “Children need to move, touch and connect with others to promote adequate neurological development; when any of these critical factors are missing, child development is delayed, resulting in a host of problems that the health and education systems have only begun to understand.” Rowan is currently finishing her book titled “A Cracked Foundation – Repairing the Damage of Technology on Child Development”. She has also designed Zone’in Programs Inc, designed to assist teachers, parents and children to address attention, printing and reading developmental delays through the use of her revolutionary Zone’in and Move’in Educational Programs. Rowan has also provided over 200 Foundation Series Workshops to help teachers, parents and therapists, understand and manage this problematic issue. Rowan authors the monthly Zone’in Development Series Newsletter, and now trains other pediatric occupational therapists to perform Foundation Series Workshops through Zone’in Training.

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