Harness Energy and Get Back to the Basics Children’s Foundation Series Workshops Coming to Chicago May 21, 2008

Vancouver, BC – Over the past decade, Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist has had first hand experience watching a gradual decline in children’s academic, social, physical and mental abilities. While working in the Canadian public school system, Rowan saw learning difficulties rise, as children struggled to achieve even the basics of literacy skills (printing and reading). Rowan also observed a slow erosion of children’s ability to pay attention, as well as deterioration in their motivation to succeed, something Rowan terms ‘inner drive’.

Rowan reports these problems are predominantly caused by excessive TV and videogame use, a fact that society in general is reluctant to face. While research is showing conclusive links between TV and videogame use and academic problems, physical impairments, mental disorders and social delays, the amount of time children spend using TV and videogames continues to rise. A 1999 study by Kaiser Foundation showed that elementary children watch an average 6.5 hours per day and over half have TV’s in their bedrooms. What these children are not doing is moving. Rowan reports “children need to move, touch and connect with others to promote proper development, and that when any of these critical factors are missing, child development is either impaired or delayed, resulting in a host of problems that the health and education systems have only begun to understand.”

Rowan describes the current situation for children as declining academic skill, increasing developmental delays, expanding curriculum pressures, medication, and profound TV and videogame addictions as the “Perfect Storm”, an epidemic that is sweeping across North America destroying many the future for children on its path. Rowan knew she had to do something to help, and designed children’s educational programs, therapist training and public workshops.

Children are our future, but there is no future in virtual reality.

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