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February 2022: Online vs. Outdoor Learning, Launch of new website, "Reconnect Webinars," The Reconnect Webinars Fact Sheet, Cris in the Media.


January 2021: Systemic Abuse, Trauma and Neglect – Viewing child screen addiction as a coping mechanism for family dysfunction.


Spring 2020: Children aren't Born with Mental Illness - We make them that way.


Sep 2019: Screen Tips for Tots - Early overuse of screen technology can cause permanent damage in toddlers .

Jul 2019: Kevlar for Teachers - The role of violent media in escalating student violence in schools.

May 2019: Where Do the Children Play? What happens when our kid’s only childhood memory is a screen?

Apr 2019: EdTech’s Failed Experiment – 10 ‘screen myths’ schools believe despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary

Mar 2019: Parenting and Screens: The 7 rights of a child.

Feb 2019: Momo Is A Red Flag – The internet is not a safe nor a happy place for our children.

Jan 2019: Misguided Guidelines - Result of technology's infiltration into government sectors.


Nov/Dec 2018: Screens and Meals - From babies to adults, mealtime should be screen-free.

Oct 2018: Ten reasons why video games should be banned for children under the age of 12

Sep 2018: Screens in Schools - Are 'tech-centric' teachers addicted to technology?

Jul 2018: Ten reasons why children under the age of 12 years should not play violent video games.

Jun 2018: Screens, Sleep and Play – Guidelines for Healthy Living

May 2018: Ramifications of Early Screen Use - Content, duration, and age of first exposure are critical.

Apr 2018: Wireless Radiation is NOT SAFE for Children - National Toxicology Program findings indicate "Go Wired" campaign urgently required to protect children.

Feb 2018: Stop School Mass Shootings? Go after the video game and pharmaceutical industries. Includes the School Mass Shooter Risk Inventory!

Jan 2018: Rewarding Students with Screens – Pros and cons for best practice in schools.


Nov 2017: The Rise of Tech Activism and How You Can Take Part.

Oct 2017: Gamer Brain – How video games are wiring your child’s brain for failure.

Sep 2017: Tech Guilt - Is feeling guilty about your child's technology overuse enough?

Jun 2017: Child Health Crisis - Technology overuse deals the deathblow to Canadian children.

May 2017: Literacy by Grade 3 - Common sense screen management in schools.

Apr 2017: "Wireless Radiation 101"

Mar 2017: Safe Schools Policy - Best Practice Standards for Screens and Radiation.

Feb 2017: Online or Outside? Redefining child safety and risk.

Jan 2017: Screen Overuse: Why families do it, and how they can stop.


Dec 2016: Does playing video games enhance fine motor skills in children? "No" says a pediatric occupational therapist

Nov 2016: When did we decide that kids shouldn’t move?

Sep 2016: Ten red flags that indicate your child is using too much technology

Aug 2016: Brain Drain - How technology disrupts early brain development

June 2016: Sustainable Children - Are they a blast from the past?

Apr 2016: Unplug — Don’t Drug: A Critical Look at the Influence of Technology on Child Behavior With an Alternative Way of Responding Other Than Evaluation and Drugging

Mar 2016: Suicide by Screens - The impact of Tech Neglect on child and youth
Feb 2016: Living the Game - Missive for a ban on violent media content for children under the age of 12
Jan 2016: Balanced Technology Management - New paradigm shift toward managing balance between technology and healthy activities


Oct 2015: When parents prefer devices
Sep 2015: Gaming and Gambling: A generation of children on the hunt for supremacy
Aug 2015: Early Exposure to Media Violence
June 2015: Moral Truths - Virtual society's shift from moral truths to immoral acts against children
May 2015: Wired Child – iPad report from a 4 year old child
Apr 2015: Family Fabric - Disconnect from the virtual, reclaim what is real
Mar 2015: Preventing Autism – It might be easier than you think!
Feb 2015: Wifi in Schools – Known risk, perilous outcomes, irrefutable liability
Jan 2015: Child Mental Illness – Have we individualized what is really a systemic problem?


Dec 2014: Zone’in Christmas Carol - 12 years of Christmas Tech
Nov 2014: Child Sustainability - How technology addictions are killing our children, and what to do about it
Oct 2014: Learning Paradox – The more kids use technology, the less likely they are to learn
Sep 2014: The Last Generation – Are technology and human survival mutually exclusive?
Aug 2014: 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12
Jul 2014: Arousal Addictions – The final frontier for families
Jun 2014: Detachment Disorder - Let's call it what it is
May 2014: From Real to Virtual – The alarming trend toward transhuman behavior in children
Apr 2014: Ten MORE reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12.
Mar 2014: The ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology are no longer sustainabl​e.
Feb 2014: Ten reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12
Jan 2014: Sad, Mad, and Bad – Child mental illness, or too much gaming


Dec 2013: Teen Playgrounds - Improving youth health, learning and behavior
Nov 2013: Technology and Spirituality: Education Advancements in First Nations Communities
Oct 2013: Gamer Rage & Child Abuse: A Growing Problem Deserving Our Attention
Sep 2013: Digital Dementia – Guidelines for educators regarding technology use in school settings
Jun 2013: Babies and Technology – What we know, but refuse to accept
May 2013: Death of the DSM – What does this mean for child mental illness diagnosis?
Apr 2013: Video Game Design – Criteria to Enhance Child Development and Learning
Mar 2013: Tech Diet – Four Tech Tools To Help “Tech Fat” Families Reduce The Use of Technology
Feb 2013: Neuroscience of Video Game Violence – Cells That Fire Together, Wire Together
Jan 2013: Profile of a Shooter – School and community intervention and prevention initiatives.


Dec 2012: Gunner, Gamer or Shooter – Which one can be controlled?
Nov 2012: Tech Neglect – Precoccupation with technology results in injury and brain damage to children
Fall 2012: Child Mental Disorders – Illness or Environment?
Sum 2012: Playgrounds – The epicentre for learning and development
May 2012: Movement – The foundation for learning
Apr 2012: Imagination – What is the impact of early technology exposure on creativity?
Mar 2012: The Lost Generation – Four arguments for eliminating school-based technology with young children
Feb 2012: Self-regulation – A growing concern in elementary settings
Jan 2012: Elementary Porn – 42% of ten year old children view internet pornography


Dec 2011: Unplug – Don’t Drug this Christmas
Nov 2011: The Learning Quotient
Oct 2011: Five Arguments for the Restriction of Technology in Elementary School Settings
Sep 2011: The Developing Child – Activities to optimize growth and learning
Aug 2011: Risk vs. Benefit – Technology use by young children
Jun 2011: Raising and educating children with technology – Is it sustainable?
May 2011: Education Technology – The Learning Paradox
Apr 2011: Bullies, fights, gangs, rape, murder… how much is linked to media violence?
Mar 2011: Child Addictions – What happens when they grow up?
Feb 2011: Get with the times
Jan 2011: Newsletter Subscription Update


Dec 2010: Cris Rowan’s The Night Before Christmas
Nov 2010: Teachers diagnosing children
Oct 2010: Cell Death from Technology
Sep 2010: School Technology
Jul 2010: Telehealth
Jun 2010: Technology Overuse or Management?
May 2010: Declining Literacy
Apr 2010: No Touch, No Connection – No Learning!
Mar 2010: Drugs and Seclusion
Feb 2010: Sitting Still or Moving
Jan 2010: Go Virtual or Go Green?


Dec 2009: Schools Operating Safely (SOS)
Nov 2009: Diagnosis, medication, and therapy
Oct 2009: Children a commodity?
Sep 2009: Unplug Your Kids Back to School
Aug 2009: Attachment formation and technology overuse
Jun 2009: Computers vs. Playgrounds
May 2009: Technology and Human Evolution
Apr 2009: Zone’in on First Nations Schools
Mar 2009: Kids on computers at school?
Feb 2009: Balanced Technology Management
Jan 2009: Bullying and Technology Reduction


Nov 2008: Globe & Mail Articles
Oct 2008: Diminishing Returns
Sep 2008: Technology reduction ideas – what are you doing?
Aug 2008: Technology use and child mental illness – are they related?
Jul 2008: Unplug – Don’t Drug Policy: are we drugging TV and videogame addictions?
Jun 2008: Diagnose and Drug? Why not unplug your children this summer!
May 2008: The Dangers of Restraining Children with Technology and Drugs – What Lies Ahead is Not a Pretty Picture
Apr 2008: To Drug or Unplug - The Lure of the Elusive Quick Fix
Mar 2008: Inner Drive Directive
Feb 2008: Kids Can’t Sit Still and Learn! Could Gym, Playgrounds and Exercise be the Answer?
Jan 2008: Is Your Kid Making the Grade?


Dec 2007: Technology and the Disintegration of the Family
Nov 2007: Technology and the Decline of the Educational Empire
Oct 2007: How much time are your elementary teachers actually devoting to teaching children to print?
Sep 2007: Parents – The School Year is Starting. Does Your Child Have the Edge?/a>
Sep 2007: Professionals – Television and Videogames – Negative Impact on Student Performance
Sep 2007: Schools – Have We Dropped the Ball when it Comes to Child Education?
Jun 2007: Defining Focus: Addressing the Complexity and Value of Attention
May 2007: To Chew.. or Not to Chew
Fall 2007: Zone’in: MYTHS AND FACTS