Occupational Therapist Helps Kids “Zone’in” to Learn

Sechelt, B.C. – With studies showing that children could possibly be acquiring learning disabilities from too much television and time spent playing video games, Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan is helping parents, teachers and therapists tackle this problem with a new interactive program called Zone’in. Zone’in is designed to teach children how to use their energy in positive, productive ways. It was developed to help kids create a balance and wholeness of body and mind by utilizing a specially designed DVD, posters, ‘Zone-O-Meters’, smellies, squishies, chewies, and tools and techniques that are engaging, lively and fun.

“After working in schools for eight years, I observed many children who said they felt confused when it came to learning,” said Rowan. “Really, they just didn’t understand how to learn and how to harness their energy to make learning easy. Zone’in is a program that optimizes attention by helping children to understand more about changing their body energy through sensation and movement. If a child’s energy is charged and hyper or sleepy and zoned out, they have problems starting, sustaining and finishing activities. Zone’in helps kids and adults recognize what zone they are in and shows them how to change their energy zone with fun tools and techniques.”

Rowan has observed an alarming increase in attachment and development disorders throughout her career, working with learning disabled children and children with autism. “Teaching children to bring awareness to their body is incredibly important as this is where learning begins,” added Rowan. “Assisting parents and teachers to help guide children to build a healthy foundation for learning is imperative.” To create continuity, Zone’in is available in these home and school versions.
Zone’in products are designed by paediatric Occupational Therapist Cris Rowan, who is committed to easing the job of learning for all children. Zone’in products and its partner program Move’in, designed to improve printing skills, were created to assist parents, teachers and therapists to give children the tools and techniques to help focus children’s energy to learn in a new and conscious way. Zone’in and Move’in programs are available to purchase at www.zoneinproducts.com.

For more information about Zone’in or to set up an interview with Cris Rowan, please call Amy Dickson 1-888-896-6346 or info@zonein.ca.

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