Prevent another Brandon Crisp tragedy!

Hi Andrea,

I’m sure you’re aware they found Brandon Crips’s body
yesterday. We urgently need to provide parents with
effective ways to unplug their kids, so they don’t have to
resort to the ‘cold turkey’ technique that Brandon’s parents

I’ve attached my “Ten steps to successfully unplug your
child from TV and videogames” handout I use in workshops.
I’ve created a development game called Unplug’in where
children build performance skills in four dimensions Me, We,
Earth, and Spirit so they can unplug themselves. I’m doing
two workshops in Toronto Dec. 5 on reducing technology use
and reconnecting to children (for parents and health and
education professionals.

We need to talk. I’m in Vancouver today inbetween workshop
days for the BC Native schools and reachable by cell

Love to chat!