Sleeping better by limiting technology use

Hi Steven,

I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist, with expertise on the impact of technology overuse on child health and academic performance. As technology overuse is causally related to difficulty falling asleep and interrupted sleep, and effects school and workplace productivity, this might be an interesting topic for your listeners.

There are three critical factors for human mental and physical health, and those are to move, touch and be touched, and to connect with other human beings and nature. These critical factors of movement, touch and human connection are grossly limited in this day and age of technology overuse, and have significantly impacted on human ability to sleep.

An average of 8 hours per day combined technology use by children means not getting enough exercise, fresh air, rough and tumble play, imaginary play, socialization with peers and family, sitting on laps…(the list goes on). These activities promote good restorative sleep largely because they provide the human body and mind with what it needs to grow and be productive, sensation.

Sensory input to the vestibular (balance) sensory system promotes postural tone, motor coordination and achieves optimal arousal states needed to focus and learn. Sensory input to the tactile (touch) sensory system grounds body energy and reduces anxiety, creating a relaxed and focused individual. Sensory input to the proprioceptive (muscles) sensory system achieved through “heavy work” techniques such as push, pull, lift and carry (gardening, working out in the gym) allow an outlet for pent up body energy, reducing anger and frustration. Nature is the purest form of sensory input, and has been shown to reduce ADHD, improve sleep, and reduce aggression.

So…disconnecting to reconnect with self, others and nature will go a long way toward improving sleep.

Let me know if you’d like more???

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