Story idea – Ten steps to successfully unplug children from videogames

Dear Fred,

Due to the prevalence and serious nature of the problem of videogame addictions in children, do you think it would it be an appropriate time to offer parents strategies to prevent and treat videogame addictions?

Having been a pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years, I have witnessed first hand the negative effects of technology on child development. Following are some successful strategies I teach to parents, teachers and therapists to address technology addictions in children.

If you think your readership could benefit from these strategies, I would be happy to allow complementary access to below article Ten steps to successfully unplug children from videogames.

Articles on the disappearance of Brandon Crisp in Ontario, and his videogame addiction problem, has identified a growing epidemic in North American families. Continued coverage of this topic through offering parents and teachers strategies and solutions, could bring North America forward as a world leader in addressing child mental and physical health.


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