The Ten Deadly Sins of TV and Videogames – Are YOU Addicted?

Vancouver, BC – To promote media coverage of the world wide TV Turn-Off Week April 21-27 ’08, Cris Rowan gives permission to print the following Ten Deadly Sins of TV and Videogames, and the Television/Videogame Addiction Questionnaire (extensive supporting research included). Please refer to www.zoneinworkshops.com for Media Kit and additional news releases and articles.

The Ten Deadly Sins of TV and Videogames

  • Increased Aggression – family conflict, bullying, societal violence
  • Addiction – ‘child diagnosis mania’ is sweeping North America with unnecessary medication of very young children, social isolation
  • Physical Impairments – developmental delay, obesity, diabetes, eating disorders, sleep problems
  • Mental Impairments – anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, boredom
  • Attachment Disorders – ADD, ADHD, Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Failure to Form Identity – you become what you watch
  • Disintegration of the Family Unit – disconnection from others
  • Decline of the School Empire – declining literacy, poor attention, lower academics, increased curriculum expectations
  • Destruction of Nature – who will save the world in front of a TV?
  • Creation of an Unsustainable Planet!

What Can YOU Do?

Ban violent ALL videogames – they are inadvertently killing your children! Medical profession should prescribe a three month trial ‘unplug’ before drugging children with psychotropic medication. Balance technology use with exercise; an hour ‘plugged’ = an hour ‘unplugged’. For optimal development, children need to play outside at least 2-3 hours per day, rough and tumble play. Families that play together stay together. Increase gym, recess, music, dance, drama, arts in schools to improve physical, mental and imaginative states. Get back to nature…now! Children are our future, and there is no future in virtual reality.

Television/Videogame Addiction Questionnaire




Tolerance: “I watch the same amount of TV, or play the same amount of videogames as I used to, but it’s not as fun anymore.”


Withdrawal: “I can’t imagine going without TV or videogames.”


Unintended Use: “I often watch TV or play videogames for longer than I intended.”

Persistent Desire: “I’ve tried to stop using TV and/or videogames, but I can’t.”


Time Spent: “TV and videogames take up almost all my play time.”


Displacement of Other Activities: “I sometimes watch TV or play videogames, when I should be spending time with my family or friends, doing my homework or going to bed.”


Continued Use: “I keep watching TV or playing videogames, even though I know it isn’t good for me.”

Total number of “yes” answers __________

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more questions, you are addicted to TV, videogames or both.

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