Saving Children – Vigilante Occupational Therapist Takes on the Technology Giants

Vancouver, BC – Over the past decade, Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist has seen a rapid decline in children’s mental and physical health, and is looking to media and technology giants for help. Rowan observes “Today’s child is either ‘zoned out’ or hyper, demonstrating difficulty achieving even the basics of literacy”. With obesity, developmental delays and attachment and behavioral disorders on the rise, and ‘knee jerk’ medication of even the youngest of children, Rowan knew she had to act quickly, or as she puts it “We will lose a whole generation of children to technology”! In a recent initiative, Rowan contacted videogame, television and computer conglomerates, suggesting a joint venture to create what she terms ‘The Tri-Tech Connect’, a multinational organization whose mandate will be repairing the damage technology has caused to the developing child.

Rowan, a certified Sensory Integration Specialist explains how children’s developing bodies need to move, touch and connect with other human beings in order to achieve adequate physical and mental health. When children don’t move, touch and connect, their neurological development is impaired, resulting in a host of mental, physical and behavioral problems the education and health systems are only just beginning to detect, much less understand. Recent initiatives to diagnosis and medicate children are not healthy solutions to the world wide epidemic of TV and videogame addictions in children. Rowan states “We are now drugging 15% of our elementary children with Ritalin, as well as medications for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, with some of children as young as 4 years old”. Rowan believes these children are not getting enough stimulation to their developing balance, muscles and touch systems, resulting in Sensory Deprivation, a condition similar to what we would observe in children raised in third world orphanages. Also lacking in today’s ‘techno child’ is the integral and essential connection with themselves, others and nature, necessary for formation of a child’s identity and sense of safety and security.

Rowan’s solution to this dilemma is to educate media and technology giants regarding the extensive damage technology is causing to the physical and mental development of young children. Rowan currently provides informative workshops to parents, teachers and therapists, and has now offered all media and technology corporations free admittance to her workshops (contact info@zonein.ca). Rowan has also offered to assist with formation of the ‘The Tri-Tech Connect’, which will look at implementing initiatives such as creation of ‘Safe Parks’ in inner city areas. These parks will provide a safe place for children to play outside as an alternative to TV and videogames, thus promoting the necessary movement to promote optimal physical development.

Rowan states “Children are our future, but there is no future in virtual reality. Through establishment of The Tri-Tech Connect, we can create balance between technology and child development, achieving sustainability for all children”.

To interview Cris Rowan, or to arrange to attend a workshop in your area, please call 1-888-8zonein, email info@zonein.ca or visit the Zone’in websites at www.zoneinproducts.com, www.zoneinworkshops.com or www.zoneintraining.com