What makes babies smart

Hi Wyatt,

I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and sensory specialist with expertise on the impact of technology use on child development and academic performance and would like to comment on what makes babies smart (and it isn’t products).

The three critical factors for optimal physical and mental development for infants are to move, touch and connect with other humans. Movement provides vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input to the body, resulting in development of postural tone, bilateral coordination and optimal arousal states for attention, learning and cognition. Touch provides tactile sensory input, important for the development of praxis and body sense, as well as an integral component for development of primary attachment with parents and partners. Touch is a biological need without which infants die. Connection or attachment is the foundation for attention and behavior. Poor attachment formation results in children with anxiety and depression.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no technology use for infants 0-2 years, and 1-2 hours per day for toddlers and children. Our national average combined technology use for infants is 2.2 hours per day, and for children 8.5 hours per day (Kaiser Foundation study 2005). Connection to technology is resulting in a disconnection from self, others, nature and spirit. Identity malformation and low self esteem, poor social skill development, ignorance of nature, and lack of spirit sense are just a few of the negative results of technology overuse.

We are a quick fix, plugged in generation, constantly looking for fast ways to make our kids smart. The way to a infants brain is through their body, and the way to stimulate their body is with movement, touch and connection. There is no piece of electric plastic that can replace a human being.

I’ve attached our Fact Sheet and my bio, and would direct you to our Media Kit on website zonein.ca for additional information. I’m available for interviews or can answer further question by email if you like.

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